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Backwoods BBQ Sauces

Backwoods cheater pie.

1 premade pie crust.4 pkgs of cream cheeses softened. 

4 pks of Backwoods dip mixes.

Pumpkin or Sea salt and caramel.

​Mix together well,fill crust. Top with crushed Pirouette's. Refrigerate over night and serve


1-2 lbs of skinned Italian sausage...5 cloves of garlic minced....1 med red onion...1 green 1 red 1 orange bell pepper diced...fresh parsley...1 - 1.5 lbs pasta.

Start water for pasta and salt it like the ocean . Bring to boil add pasta. Break sausage into pieces and start browning in olive oil 15 minutes or so. Mix in peppers,onions and stir and shut off. Add 1 bottle of your favorite Backwoods sauce. Mix pasta in garnish with parsley. And your favorite cheese with Italian bread.

​Backwoods Meatloaf

1 to 1.5 bottles of your favorite Backwoods BBQ sauce.

3 to 5 lbs ground beef,venison,turkey

3 eggs,1/2 cup bread crumbs,1 med diced onion (red),2 red and 2 green bell peppers . 1 of each diced well.

Mix all ingredients together. Add 1/2 bottle of sauce and mix well.

​Form in a pan. Add peppers to top (optional). Cover and bake at 325 2 to 2.5 hrs..Enjoy

Our dips can also be used as rubs. Flavor your steaks,chicken,pork,venison even steamed vegetables. Make award winning burgers with our mixes.


Now you can cook and make the best burgers just like the pros.

Try our Bacon Horseradish...South West,,,Perfect Pepper...Bacon Onion...Sea Salt n Caramel...Vegetable,Garlic n Herb. Lust mixlet set for 10 minutes and grill. Serve with caramelized mushrooms and onions on a brioche bun. Top with feta cheese or blue cheese.


2lbs of ground venison...1lb ground pork...2 pks of our Garlic n herb mixes...1/4 cup olive oil and fresh spinach 3-4 cloves of minced garlic. Mx and stuff your caps

Preheat oven to 325. Cook for 15 to 20 minutes. These can be smoked or grilled also.